Void.to database leaked 13 June 2019 - Free Download

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Void.to database leaked 13 June 2019 - Free Download

Post by ds2020 » 26 Oct 2020, 22:25


In 13 June 2019, the hacking website Void.to suffered a data breach. There were 95k unique email addresses spread across 86k forum users and other tables in the database. A rival hacking website claimed responsibility for breaching the MyBB based forum which disclosed email and IP addresses, usernames, private messages and passwords stored as either salted MD5 or Sha512_Bcrypt hashes. I have uploaded the full database and root directory of this website for you to download and see for yourself.


Download 2:
http://nitroflare.com/view/AFEBD86B55CB ... e_2019.rar
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