BadoinkVR Imgbb Uploader V1 - Free Download

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BadoinkVR Imgbb Uploader V1 - Free Download

Post by ds2020 » 27 Jun 2022, 21:49


- BadoinkVR Imgbb Uploader V1 is a bot that automatically uploads adult images from BadoinkVR servers into a image gallery hosted at Imgbb.

- The image gallery address is:

- To purchase the bot and the gallery contact me by email.

- This app can be used to have no work while keeping a adult image gallery updated.

- It's possible to monetize the image gallery by uploading the images into ad-based image hosting service.
(Didn't found any ad-based image hosting service with api feature, if anyone founds one let me know.)

Note: It only works in Internet Explorer

Download: (Re-Uploaded: 27-06-2022)

Virus Report:
The source is in plain text.

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